Middle East Family Tree [rotated on side]

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Brochure Facts:
Title: “Islam, The Middle East Family Tree & The Root of The Conflict”
Format: UV-coated glossy Color Brochure in a very attractive format. Two sided, six-fold, 12 flaps total. Measures 5″x8.5″ folded and fits easily inside any standard-size Bible.
Side 1: Middle East Family Tree in color, from Creation on to Jesus & Muhammad
Side 2: Facts about Islam and a comparison with Christianity

The “Middle East Family Tree” helps Christians to learn more about Islam. It also strengthens their Christian beliefs (especially about Old Testament characters) and equips them to have an informed discussion with Muslims.

The Family Tree has received excellent reviews. It is complete with scripture references,making it very easy to study and enjoy the Old Testament at a glance. Also excellent as a reference for comparing Islam and Christianity.

Who should buy this Chart/brochure:
Bible Students
Bible Teachers
Human Resource managers for Business Training
Business owners to help them understand their Muslim clients and employees
Ministers & Lay people
Christians to help understand Muslim beliefs and to dialogue with Muslims
Muslims to help understand Christian beliefs and to dialogue with Christians

Excellent as a gift.

Middle East Family Tree